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East McLean County, Kentucky

John Fraser Hart, East McLean County, Kentucky, 1959


During the second world war I was an intelligence officer on an aircraft carrier, and I learned that there is a tremendous amount of water in the Pacific Ocean. After the war I went back to school, and among other things I wanted to take a course on the geography of the Pacific Ocean, to put some of my experiences in context.

The Geography Department didn't have such a course (and I still haven't taken it!), but it was such a hot summer day that I was too lazy to go anywhere else, so I said "Sign me up for whatever you've got." The instructor was a nice old gentleman, totally incompetent, but the textbook was interesting, so I took another geography course that fall, and have been doing so ever since.

I honestly don't remember why I started using pictures/slides, perhaps because a set came with the textbook I was using. I soon learned how valuable they were. Students were bored by abstract concepts, but they loved pictures. After some years I realized that they really liked pictures of people, and I have been driven by that knowledge ever since. Landscapes and buildings are nice, but people really bring them to life.

John Fraser Hart
Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography, Environment & Society
August 2016


John Fraser Hart Collection