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This exhibit presents a "Then & Now" perspective of Minneapolis by displaying photographs from the Digital Content Library collection as image overlays.  The older images in this section are from the Metropolitan Design Center collection.  They show street level imagery in urban areas and span from the 1960s - early 2000s. The newer images were taken in 2015 by Digital Content Library staff, who bicycled around Minneapolis and photographed buildings from the same vantage points.


During cleanup and maintenance of the Digital Content Library in 2014-2015, many of the Metropolitan Design Center photographs were identified and geotagged.  Since many of the images were taken near the University of Minnesota campus, the Digital Content Library staff decided to take new photographs to show how some buildings and corners have evolved over time.


How to Use:

The before and after images are presented as two layers.  Use the mouse to scroll right to see the new image and back to the left to see the older image.  The opacity of the top image will change and both images can be viewed simultaneously as partially transparent. For mobile devices, tap the image at various points from left to right for the same effect.

The Map:

The overlay images are also browseable via a map interface.  Click on one of the points, and a popup box will appear.  Use the mouse to see the before and after images in the same manner within the popup box.