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 The Digital Content Library

  • The Digital Content Library consists of nearly 300,000 items from teaching and research collections across the University of Minnesota.
  • "Highlights" showcases items from the Digital Content Library through the use of special exhibits that feature image galleries, timelines, maps, and interpretive text. 
  • Access to the Digital Content Library is available to all University faculty, students, staff, and beyond. 
  • To explore more of the Digital Content Library, visit the main collection.
  • The Digital Content Library is part of LATIS (Liberal Arts Technologies & Innovation Services), in the College of Liberal Arts, and our offices are located in 460 and 469 Heller Hall on the West Bank Campus. 

Denne J. Wesolowski
Assistant Curator 
E-mail: weso0001@umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-2064

Laura Cervin
Coordinator of Media Services 
E-mail: cervi001@umn.edu
Phone: 612-625-4875

Ginny Larson
Assistant for Faculty Collections
E-mail: larso037@umn.edu   


Special thanks to Karen Majewicz (former DCL Graduate Fellow and now Geospatial Project Metadata Coordinator, John R. Borchert Map Library, University of Minnesota Libraries) for her generous help with this project.