Screenshot of Historypin exhibit showing then-and-now comparison of photograph of 98 Mulberry Street, Lower East Side Manhattan, taken by John Archer in 1968

Historypin exhibit showing then-and-now comparison

Lower East Side Manhattan, 98 Mulberry Street

John Archer, 98 Mulberry Street, Lower East Side Manhattan, 1968

This Historypin exhibit, Lower East Side Manhattan, 1968, was created by Julieann Swanson, former graduate student fellow in the Digital Content Library. The exhibit is based on a series of photographs from the Digital Content Library taken by John Archer, Professor Emeritus, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, while he was an undergraduate student at Yale University. 

There are ninety-seven images in the Lower East Side photographic series. In the Historypin exhibit, each photograph in this series is located on a digital map and then compared with a current view of the same location through an overlay with Google Street View. The exhibit shows the significant changes that have occurred in this area of New York City since the photographs were taken nearly 50 years ago.

(To view the Lower East Side series of photographs in the Digital Content Library, click here.)