Filipino and American Prisoners during the Bataan Death March

These interviews of Alf R. Larson, a World War II veteran and survivor of the Bataan Death March, were recorded by Rick Peterson, an independent scholar, starting in the late 1990s. They relate his memories of his experiences at this time in his own words, just as they had occurred, and had previously seldom been shared with anyone. (http://www.bataansurvivor.com/)

During the course of this infamous march 10,000 prisoners died. The Japanese forces under General Homma Masaharu overran Luzon as MacArthur withdrew to the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island. MacArthur hoped to hold the Japanese assault until reinforcements arrived, but they were not sent. President Roosevelt ordered MacArthur to escape to Australia, which he did in March 1942. General Jonathan Wainwright surrendered the Philippines on May 6 of that year, and this death march ensued.