3D Models of Akhmīm Pottery, 2016

Click on the links below to access the 3D models of Akhmīm pottery in the Digital Content Library. The 3D models are interactive and can be rotated to allow objects to be seen from different angles.

The 3D scans of Akhmīm pottery were created using two techniques: photogrammetry and structured light scanning.

In photogrammetry, a series of digital images are taken of an object from different angles. Software searches these images for common reference points. It uses these points to calculate the position and angle from which each photo was taken, as well as the shape of any objects in the scene.

Structured-light scanning works by projecting a black and white pattern of light across an object. The shape of the object is calculated based on the way these patterns of light are deformed. Scans are taken from the object from different angles, and then combined into a single 3D model.

Samantha Thi Porter with Portable Photogrammetry Equipment

Samantha Thi Porter with portable photogrammetry equipment.

Processing images into 3D model using Agisoft PhotoScan software

Processing images into 3D model using Agisoft PhotoScan software.